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2013 Photodocs of DRES Accomplishments

2009-2012 Photodocs of DRES Accomplishments

1999-2009 Photodocs of DRES Accomplishments







YEAR 2010

1. National Plaque of Recognition - WC Medrano Best R & D Management Paper (out of 16 paper presenters and 5 posters)adjudged as 4th place on best R & D Management.

2.  National Plaque of Recognition – International Roberto Padua Research Impact Award 2010. Selected out of 238 full papers submitted, which were divided into four clusters namely: Science and Technology or S & T (71 papers), Arts, Socio–Culture, Media Philosophy and Religion (67 papers), Education (66 papers) and Best Practices (34 papers).

3. National Plaque of Recognition - Research Leadership Award 2010: “National Conference for Quality Assurance in International Journal Publications and Sustainable Research Management”

4. Certificate of Appreciation - For having participated in the Regional Search for Best HEI Extension Program 2010 Program entitled “Special Fire Fighting and Prevention Training– MAAP Educational and training Program

5. Plaque of Recognition - Outstanding Extension Services Leadership Award 2010

6.   Certificate of Appreciation – For MAAP’s significant contribution in hosting BOD quarterly meetings and other activities for the year 2009-2010

7.  Institutional Membership Award - In recognition to MAAP’s support to the vision, mission, goals and objectives of PAEPI for the year 2009-2010

YEAR 2009

1.  Regional Plaque of Recognition - Best Student Services Program, Best in Developmental and Welfare and, Best in Community and Research Development Program (out of 201 HEIs in Region 3)

2.  National Plaque of Recognitions - Best in Physical Facilities (out of 14 regional national winners)

3. Special Citation - Organizing Regional UNYAP and producing exemplary students and youth leaders

4. Certificate of Appreciation - MAAP entry entitled “An Integrated MAAP Extension Services Program in Promoting MET For Sustainable Development” for the CHED search for the Best Extension Services Program”

5.  Plaque of Recognition – Facilitating and organizing Joint PAEPI-NFCHRE Board Meeting and National Planning AY 2009-2010


YEAR 2008

1. Certificate of Recognition - Supporting the 3-year Bataan Integrated Coastal Management Program (ICMP).

2.  Certificate of Recognition – Initiating and organizing 2-day Bataan Integrated Coastal Management Program (BICMP) Planning Workshop 2008

3. Certificate of Recognition -      Providing a resource speaker for the Capability Building Seminar for English students and teachers sponsored by INMHS in connection with the National Teachers day celebration in Korea on May 15, 2008.

4.  Launching MAAP as the National Center for Human Rights on MET  

5. 1st place on Best MET research practices (out of 49 PAMI members in Luzon)

6. Regional Certificate of Appreciation - Two (2) MET Programs entitled:  “MAAPCNIA: A Boost to Authentic MET Instruction” and “The AUNP Research Networking Project: Its development Impact on MET” (out of 201 HEIs in Region 3)

7.  3rd place CHRE Best Practices (National Plaque of Recognition) (out of 26 CHRES in the country)

8. 1st Place Best Research MET Practices (National Plaque of Recognition) (out of 74 PAMI maritime school members in the country)


YEAR 2007

1. Launching MAAP as the National Center for Human Rights on MET

2.  Luzon-wide Trophy as the 1st place Winner on Best MET research practices during the PAMI Search for the best MET Practice in Luzon Area (out of 49 PAMI members in Luzon)


YEAR 2006

1. National Certificate of Recognition for MAAP Research Program which reads “For the significant contribution of the MAAP Research Program towards the advancement of knowledge and national development”. Only 47 tertiary schools including MAAP are recognized (out of the 1746 HEIs in the Philippines and 201 HEIs in region 3)